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Mask and Wig Presents "A Doomsday in the Life"

Our story begins with the end of civilization. But don’t worry, like herpes, humanity just won’t go away. In the ruins of society, our hero Max longs to get away from the small world of his village. Found as a baby with a map leading to a land unknown, Max is determined to follow his destiny out in the wasteland. There’s only one problem: Max is awful at staying alive. Enter Jane, a rugged wasteland veteran and the only person who can get him to his destination in one piece. After agreeing to split what they find 50/50, our duo sets off on the adventure of a lifetime, braving killer robots, zombies with class consciousness, and unhealthy levels of background radiation. What will they find at the end of their journey? How did our world end up like this? And do bunker roommates have to pay rent? Find out in Mask and Wig’s 134th Annual Production: A Doomsday in the Life!