Help Your Network Grow

by Shannon C. Kelly

Here is a great example of how volunteering abroad can expand your network, with some design food for thought thrown in for good measure.  Anthropologie, the more sophisticated sister of Philly-based Urban Outfitters, just opened its first overseas location on Regent Street in London.  What is unique about this store is its living wall.   A living wall, or green wall according to Wikipedia, is a wall covered with vegetation. It can help reduce energy consumption and can be quite aesthetically pleasing (in line with Anthropologie’s eclectic sense of fashion).

Where does volunteering abroad tie in to this?  My supervisor from volunteering in the UK installed the wall.  One day on a break from our duties at the festival, we got into a discussion of green walls and he told me about his upcoming job for Anthropologie.  The conversation allowed me to learn about his career installing these walls and his experiences in the industry.  We have kept in touch and I even saw pictures of the wall before the New York Times posted their article (their picture is below).  As our director, Pat Rose, recently posted, you should never pass an opportunity to learn from someone and build your network.  After all, they could end up in the New York Times…

Anthropologies Living Wall in London
Anthropologie's Living Wall in London

Author: Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly is the Job & Internship Coordinator in Career Services.