Lazy Summer Afternoons in the Career Services Library

The Career Services Library

by Mylène Kerschner

Have a little downtime this summer? A break between summer school classes or an afternoon off from your internship?  It’s easy in the summer to seize those free moments and just kick back completely – turn on your music and head for Rittenhouse or Clark Park to relax and think of nothing. You’ve certainly earned it after your coursework this academic year!  But maybe one day if it looks like a thunderstorm is threatening  or, say, it’s 90 degrees and you can see the heat rising from the street, you should come in to the Career Services library and explore the books we have available to read in our comfortable air conditioning.

The Career Services Library
The Career Services Library

While we have lots of books divided by industry (from accounting & finance to education & teaching to scientific research), we also have a whole section on how to decide your career path if the mere thought of selecting from one of those other categories makes you a little nauseous.

Here are just a few of those offerings, all with great tips:

Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People
What Should I Do with My Life?
No More Ramen

Summer is a great time to set aside an afternoon for a little self-reflection. Come on in, get out of the heat and check out the Career Services library.   We’re here Monday through Friday, 9 – 5.  (And you can still listen to your music in here – with headphones!)

Author: Mylène

Mylène Kerschner is an Associate Director in Career Services working with the College of Arts & Sciences team.

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