Videos: how to find an internship in…

Internship season is upon us and many students are coming to CS to learn about finding an internship. In addition to reviewing the advice & listings on our website, you can check out the videos of interviews conducted with your fellow students to get a first-hand look at the internship search process.


Thinking about a government internship? Last Fall, we talked to four students who interned at NASA, Senate Banking Committee, Delaware Attorney General’s Office, and Department of Energy and Climate Change (UK). Here’s what they said about their jobs and how they found them:

Government Internships: Myths & Advice from Penn Career Services on Vimeo.  (Thanks to my wonderful colleague Claire Klieger for putting together this video)


For more videos like this on a variety of internships from start-ups to communications, visit the CS Internships Vimeo Channel.  And I hope these videos will inspire some of you to conduct some informational interviews of your own.

Author: Helen Cheung

Helen Cheung is an Associate Director in Career Services for College of Arts & Sciences undergraduates.

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