OCR: What You Need to Know

On-campus recruiting has started for summer internships and already we are getting many questions about the process. The first thing you need to know is that it’s necessary to view the online OCR orientation to understand the process. It will answer all your questions. You can view it here:


Once a schedule deadline passes, the schedule is closed and you cannot schedule an interview.  Your next option would be to deposit your information in the “Recruiter Add-On Interview Request Box” outside of Career Services. The drop box collection hours are 9:15 am – 2:00 pm one working day before the company interview date. You can pick up the Recruiter Add-on Interview Request Form at the front desk of our office. Your add-on request(s) will be given to the recruiter(s) when they check in to OCR the following morning.

We have asked employers to give interns until February 23rd, or one week, whichever comes later, to decide on offers. If you have any questions about this, please come and see one of our counselors by making an appointment or coming for a walk-in.

If a schedule is closed and you already accepted an offer, you will need to cancel the rest of your interviews. To do this, you must cancel your interviews as soon as possible but at least one hour before the interview by calling 215-898-4068 or by stopping at the receptionist’s desk in the OCR Suite. You must also send an apology email to the recruiter and copy OCR on it.  For more on this policy, please visit here:


Please note that failing to show up for your interview, or canceling less than 60 minutes before the interview, is considered a “no show”. If you no-show on more than one recruiting date, your recruiting privileges and PennLink access may be rescinded for the remainder of the academic year.

If you have any more questions, please view our OCR page here or call 215-898-7531.

Author: Robert Gannone

Robert Gannone is the Administrative Assistant for the Career Services staff working with the School of Engineering and Wharton undergraduates.

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