Make ‘Em Laugh or What Not To Do During The Interview

By Kelly Cleary

Interviews are stressful. Laughter relieves stress (even the Mayo Clinic tells us that’s no joke.) In this quick clip, Jessie Cantrell of Tiny Apartments and John Milhiser of Serious Lunch present interview tips while also offering some pretty hilarious comic relief– at least in career counselor circles…

Jessie Cantrell: Job Interviews:

While a sense of humor is something most of us seek in prospective colleagues, wacky humor doesn’t always come across well in an interview. Projecting the right balance of professionalism, authenticity, confidence and good humor requires thoughtful preparation of both the content of one’s answers and the way that information is presented. Career Services’ online Interview Guide and the webinars on InterviewStream, an interactive interview prep resource accessible through PennLink, can help you find that balance to help you turn your interviews into job offers.

Author: Kelly

Kelly Cleary is the Senior Associate Director of Career Services for College of Arts & Sciences undergraduates.