Pointers for summer networking

Do your palms get sweaty at the thought of networking? Have you been invited to an industry event, corporate function, or alumni happy hour but have some concerns about attending?

You should attend. Every event is an opportunity – to learn something new, meet new people, deepen existing relationships, and practice interpersonal skills. If you’re attending one this summer, boost your confidence by being prepared. You can find tips on the Career Services website. Here are some highlights:

Business Etiquette – one of the most concise guides you will find on handling social events, dining, small talk, etc.

Informational Interviews – comprehensive resource including tips on how to ask for an informational interview, how to conduct one, and sample questions

Building a networking for your Job Search – a webinar and a video on how to network

And if you’re trying to connect with people with similar professional interests, you can look for fellow students/interns, alumni, graduate students, and industry professionals through databases compiled here.


Author: Helen Cheung

Helen Cheung is an Associate Director in Career Services for College of Arts & Sciences undergraduates.