No Call, No Show

by Kamila DeAngelis

College can be challenging.  A full schedule of classes, extra-curricular activities, athletics, exams; my head is already spinning!  These responsibilities can become overwhelming and it can quickly become easy to start missing a meeting here and skipping a study session there.  Eventually, this trend of behaviors can lead to poor life habits that could lead to a serious problem: the no call no show.

In most cases, the no call no show in a work setting will lead to your immediate termination.  It also shows an overall lack of respect for the organization and the people who hired you; not a good place to be in (especially when these people may be providing references for future positions).  This is a busy world we live in and time is precious to all of us.  Try to stay on top with your appointments and develop a healthy routine.  Take advantage of technology to help organize your calendar and set reminders.  These are essential skills to develop now and will help prevent future problems; especially when that problem might get you canned.

Life happens.  If you need to miss a day of work or an appointment take the time to call and let those involved know.  Otherwise, the no call no show will come back to show you the way out of the office.

Author: Kamila

Kamila is the former assistant for the College advising team. Originally from Poland, she earned her Masters Degree from LaSalle University.