More Ways to Find Internships

As our Director Pat stated on the last blog, internship recruiting season is here.

Most deadlines are coming up in the next few weeks.

Our website has many resources that are often overlooked, but they can certainly help you on your search.

One of these is the Penn Internship Programs web page, which is available here:

It lists some of the internships that are offered right here at Penn.

Also, we have a web page of internship resources that are listed by industry.

You can view a list of these sites here:

The listings for company information sessions are on our schedule that you can view here:

Besides searching directly for a company on PennLink, you can also put up the companies that will be recruiting here by date. This is also a good way to see all the companies that will be here on-campus. As you can see from the image below, you can even narrow your search depending on industry or class level.

At the bottom of the screen there, you’ll see “OCR Interview Date.” You can narrow it by certain days, weeks, or even the full recruiting schedule here at Penn. To save the search and come back to it or modify it, save it at the top where it says “Search Agent.”

Best of luck during your internship search!

Author: Robert Gannone

Robert Gannone is the Administrative Assistant for the Career Services staff working with the School of Engineering and Wharton undergraduates.