What is this “Penn Internship Network” you speak of?

Some kind of secret club that will get me my dream internship? A group of alumni that conspire to only hire Penn interns? A new social media site?

None of the above.

The Penn Internship Network is, however, a valuable resource for students looking for summer internships that we encourage everyone to utilize! The Penn Internship Network is a listing of Penn students who have volunteered to speak with others about their past summer internships.

How is this helpful to you?

If you are currently looking for an internship, you can search the Penn Internship Network for students that have worked in your industry, at a company you are interested in, or in the geographic location you want to work (to name a few). Their contact information is available for you to call or e-mail the volunteers to learn more about their experiences, how they got their internships, and ask for advice about your search.

If you have an interview coming up, search the Penn Internship Network for a student that interned at that company. Contact them and ask for advice about your interview, what it was like interning for the company, and what types of projects they worked on. This will not only give you some helpful insider information, it will also allow you to stand out amongst other candidates who may not have done such thorough research. Being able to mention in an interview that you have spoken with past interns demonstrates a sincere interest in the position.

For more ideas about questions to ask, check out our tips for informational interviews.

Caution: While the Penn Internship Network volunteers are usually able to provide helpful information and advice, they are not expected to get you a job. They are simply a resource in your own search. Check out our website for more internship search strategies.

Good luck in your internship search! Feel free to stop by walk-in hours or make an appointment with a career counselor to talk about your strategies and career goals.




Author: Kathleen

Kathleen Rause is a former graduate intern for the Wharton Undergraduate counseling team. She is a graduate of Penn's Graduate School of Education.