Fun in an Interview Suit

Yesterday as I walked down Locust Walk past a student group promoting an upcoming concert, one of them shouted to another passing student, “Hey! You in the suit! Come to this concert tonight. It’s more fun than OCR!” I laughed out loud at this creative sales pitch.

OCR (On-Campus Recruiting) is one of those things that “adults” would probably say is good for you. Perhaps no one would define it as “fun.” But it might actually help you get what you want. Same thing goes for wearing a suit.

How could dressing up in a suit and interviewing be more fun? We asked David Letterman for suggestions (not really), and the resulting top-ten list is as follows. (Please note, that as an “adult” I must refer you to our online interview resources and tell you that the following is not to be taken seriously!)

The Top Ten Ways to Have Fun in an Interview Suit
10. Dress up like Ben Franklin (except for the hair).
9. Select final-round candidates based on how long they can keep jumping in a moon bounce.
8. Challenge other candidates to arm wrestling to determine who gets the final second-round interview.
7. Wear a zoot suit.
6. Make every Tuesday costume day and make internship/job offers to candidates who show up in the best costume.
5. Bring your cat to the interview with you. Consider wearing matching outfits.
4. Forget that the tie you borrowed from your dad is a light-up birthday tie.
3. “Accio!” Use the summoning charm from Harry Potter to bring a job offer directly to you.
2. Wear different colored socks. Or don’t wear socks but color your ankles with markers.
And the #1 way to make interviewing more fun: Have John Cleese as your interviewer!

Author: Beth Olson

Beth Olson is a career advisor who has worked with several Career Services teams at Penn including Wharton Undergrads, College of Arts & Sciences Undergrads, Pre-Health Advising, and Engineering Undergrads and Master's Students.