Chill—It’s February!

by Anne Guldin Lucas

Hey YOU—yes, you—the one reading this blog—YOU ARE GREAT!  If I’m going to write a blog, then I’m glad that someone—YOU—are taking the time to read it!  Thanks!

Of course you’re terrific for many more reasons beyond reading this blog. You’re at Penn because you have demonstrated a unique combination of academic talent and extracurricular strengths, and it’s that same combination that will be your ticket to an interesting career in the years ahead.   It is truly a privilege to meet so many of you in my work as a Penn career counselor for students in the College.  Thank you for sharing your  stories with me. I wish that each of you knew how smart and talented you really are and what a bright future lies ahead of you.  So please relax a little bit, believe in yourself, and make sure you live in the present, enjoying every precious minute you spend here at Penn!

To the senior who is still seeking post-graduation employment, please read the stats from our Class of 2011 College Survey as a reminder that only slightly over half the students reporting from that class had offers by the end of March.  Just under a quarter of respondents got their jobs via OCR.  That means that typically most students conduct independent job searches, and many of those searches take place in the Spring and even Summer of senior year.  I can assure you that every student, regardless of the timing of his/her job offers, is likely to pursue an interesting, successful career.   Here’s the link to the 2011 survey:

If you are an underclassman still seeking a summer internship, it’s still early!  Many organizations will post internships in the months ahead, and now is an ideal time to begin your search for many types of positions.  The CAS 2011Summer Survey also confirms this timetable.  Most internship offers come between March and June each year.  Please refer to the appropriate section of our 2011 College Summer Survey for more details:

While my colleagues and I are delighted by the emphasis that so many Penn students place on their career pursuits, please remember that your Penn classes, activities, and friendships are also important aspects of your Penn experience.  Stay engaged in the present so that you don’t miss out by looking too far into the future.  When you want tutelage in the logistics of a job/internship search and/or want help in figuring out career possibilities, we’re here for you.  In fact, this Friday we’re offering you a special event on campus to kick off your weekend in style—the Spring Career Fair!

***Please join us on Friday, February 17, from 11 AM – 3 PM in Houston Hall, wearing business casual clothes and bringing along a stack of resumes!***

Then, having paid your career dues, call your friends, and make it a fun February President’s Day weekend!  Surely February is the right time of the year to “chill,” even if just for a little while.  See you Friday!

Author: Anne Lucas

Anne Lucas is a career counselor at Penn Career Services. Currently, she works with students in the College of Arts & Sciences.