Attention All Seniors! Please Fill Out The Career Plans Survey!

By Barbara Hewitt

Did you know that 62% of the Class of 2011 went into the full-time workforce immediately after graduation and that 20% went on to graduate or professional school? That financial services, consulting, healthcare, education and technology were the most popular industries our graduates worked in and that medical school was the most common graduate program? How about the fact that Teach for America was the employer who hired the largest number of Penn graduates last year followed by Goldman Sachs?

Well, we wouldn’t know these statistics either if not for the Career Plans Survey we conduct every year. The data collected is
extraordinarily important to us and allows us to determine many things including average salaries of undergraduates, offer dates, signing bonus amounts, and major employers and graduate schools attended. You can check out past surveys on our Career Survey Reports pagel.

If you are a senior and haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to complete the survey now at the following link: The survey is only accurate and useful to us if a high percentage of seniors fill it out, so we encourage all students to complete it. If you are still seeking opportunities, feel free to fill it out now and then you can “update” it in the future once you finalize your plans.

Please be aware that individual responses to the survey will be held in strict confidence within Career Services. Data may be shared with the Office of Institutional Research, who will assist in data analysis, but only aggregate data will be reported.

Author: Barbara Hewitt

Barbara Hewitt is the Executive Director of Career Services.