You’re on Twitter, now what?

by Lin Yuan (Wh’ 13)

Whether we’re getting sick of Facebook or just want to try something new, many of us are migrating over to Twitter these days. However, as a student using Twitter (or anyone really), we have to keep in mind what image our Twitter feeds may convey. Twitter is a great platform for personal expression, but as with all social media outlets, the fact that almost anyone can see what we post means we need to think before we tweet. Here are some practical tips for a Twitter to be proud of.

Some Don’ts:

Don’t be cryptic – Tweeting out of context non-sequiturs is a great way to lose followers and lose credibility. If no one knows what you’re talking about, they’ll assume you don’t really know either.

Don’t be sarcastic – Sarcasm is a delicate art, and one that doesn’t always translate well online. If you want to make a sarcastic remark about something, think about how well it would go over if the reader didn’t understand the humor. Remember, whoever is the target of your sarcastic joke can easily see your tweets.

Don’t be discriminatory, profane, or intoxicated – Self explanatory. Don’t end up on this Tumblr.


Some Do’s:

Do follow interesting people – Follow news outlets, employers, and other influential people.  Twitter can be a great way to stay updated on what you’re interested in.

Do state your opinions – Have an opinion on an article or issue? Tweet it and say what you think (in a respectful, thoughtful way, of course.) Twitter can be a way to establish your expertise as much as it is a way to hear what others have to say.

Do show off your personality – Just because you want to keep it professional doesn’t mean you have to come across like a robot. Share your interests and find your unique “voice” on Twitter.

Do tweet regularly – Keep your posts regular and consistent to build your follower base and show off your interests and fabulous wit.

One last do:

Do follow @PennCareerServ – shameless plug.

Author: Student Perspective

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