Career Quizzo!

questionsOn Tuesday nights, after a long day of servicing careers, I like nothing more to go over to City Tap House for Quizzo (aka pub quiz).  My team, long reigning second place champs, loves unwinding in our share love of obscure knowledge.

I thought if would be fun for those of you in the throws of finals (or those of you already enjoying your winter break) to play some career quizzo.  All the questions below are somehow related to careers.  Give yourself one point for every question and two points for the bonus.

Answers are posted after the break…no cheating and good luck!

  1. In 2003, the Museum of Modern Art NYC hosted an exhibition for artists who made their career creating art from this common office supply, originally created by 3M?
  2. This actor recently turned his experiences as a male stripper into a hit movie.
  3. On what long running TV show is the main cast paid $300,000 per episode for only two days of work – a read through on Thursday and a record session on Monday?
  4. According to CNN Money, what was the top paying job of 2012?  Was it Neurosurgeon, Petroleum Engineer or Dentist?
  5. This 1991 John Hughes comedy stars Jennifer Connelly in a story about two people locked overnight in a Target.
  6. Bonus: In what year was Career Services founded?


Okay, how did you do?

  1. Post-Its
  2. Channing Tatum
  3. The Simpsons
  4. Neurosurgeon
  5. Career Opportunities
  6. Bonus: 1926

Happy holidays!



Author: J. Michael DeAngelis

J. Michael DeAngelis is the Information Specialist in Career Services and Editor-at-Large of this blog. He is also a professional playwright and actor.