How Do I Pay For Law School?

by Todd Rothman

If you are currently in the law school application process, hopefully your applications are long submitted and completed and you are awash in acceptances and terrific offers – and if you aren’t yet, please don’t panic.  The application season is still very much underway, so I’m sure they’re on their way soon.  Now, with acceptances – and perhaps some holds and waitlists – in hand, your mind should now be turning to the following equally question: So now that I’m in, how do I pay for law school?

It is certainly an overwhelming and daunting question and, last night, Jeffrey Hanson – a financial literacy expert and a specialist on graduate school borrowing – gave an informative presentation on just this topic. [To view a video of Mr. Hanson’s presentation at another recent LSAC venue, please click here:] And to help you follow along with his presentation, here is his corresponding handout for your convenience: Paying for Law School Handout

This presentation is a great way to start thinking about – and more importantly, planning for – the inevitable financial component of this exciting next step in your academic and professional career.  It is certainly not exhaustive, but I would encourage you to avail yourself of this resource.  In addition, here are some other valuable resources for you as you begin to tackle this question of paying for law school.

Hopefully, this will get you on your way to being both knowledgeable and less anxious about finding an answer (or answers) to this all-important question in the law school application process.

Author: Todd

Todd Rothman is the Senior Associate Director of Graduate and Professional School Advising in Career Services, working with pre-law, pre-health, and pre-grad (psychology) students and alumni.