Summer Resume Renewal

Summer is the time to spend with friends and family, travel to exotic places, and procrastinate reading all the books you didn’t actually read during the academic year. For many students, summer also means summer jobs and internships. Now that the end of summer is looming ahead, this is a great time to start getting your resume together, especially for seniors and those interested in OCR. Even if you didn’t land that all-time dream internship or summer job, you can still use what you did do to make your resume stand out by highlighting transferable skills that are important in any industry, such as communication skills, multitasking, time management, project management, etc.  Even for those who did not participate in any academic or work related activities during the summer, there may be skills that you have picked up through your recreation or hobbies that can be added to your resume, such as writing skills, technical skills, or problem solving skills. Making a list of all the jobs/activities that you did during the summer, and then looking at what skills you used or learned is a great way to start accessing your transferable skills!

Author: Ebony

Ebony Brown is the administrative assistant for the graduate group in Career Services.