Leaving Your Legacy

By: S. David Ross, Associate Director

My colleague Sharon Fleshman wrote a great blog on the topic of legacy a couple of years ago. As another semester ends at Penn, I would encourage everyone to take some time to really think about the lasting legacy you want to leave. Whether you are employed in an internship, work-study job or working full-time, it’s easy to become consumed in day-to-day activities without thinking about the big picture. While many people may reflect on their job duties and tasks for resume writing purposes, ask yourself what you want to be remembered for as a member of an organization. As Sharon mentioned, your legacy does not always have to be defined by a formal achievement on a grand-scale. But your legacy can be a proxy for your reputation and influence future opportunities. Ultimately, what you hope to leave as your legacy can also serve as a useful guide to keep you focused on what you want to accomplish and making an impact.

Happy holidays everyone!

Author: David

David Ross is a Senior Associate Director of Career Services for Wharton undergraduates and occasional blogger for "Penn & Beyond."