Career Advice From Principal Vernon

The Breakfast Club recently turned 30 and just hearing this movie title had me singing its hit song and recalling memorable quotes like this one…

“You ought to spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress people.”    – Principal Vernon

Perhaps it’s an occupational hazard, but I can’t read this quote and not apply it to the job search. Impressing people is key to getting a job which, in turn, allows you to make something of yourself. Right? Hmmm. Let’s look at it another way. If you make something of yourself (a strong candidate), then an employer will be impressed and you’ll get the job. That sounds better. Here are a few tips for ensuring your time is well spent as you do just that:

Spend a little more time creating a targeted resume and cover letter. Tailoring your documents to the position of interest will allow the reader to quickly note key information – that’s important as employers may take only a few seconds to skim your resume.

Spend a little more time networking so that you can connect with professionals in your desired field or position. Networking is also an important way to learn about employment opportunities before they’re formally posted. Be that person the employer looks to when the next position opens up.

Spend a little more time preparing for upcoming interviews – Review the position description, organization website, and relevant publications so that you have a solid understanding of the employer’s mission and the desired skillset. That way, you can easily connect your own interests and experiences to the organization and position.

Make something of yourself by making yourself unforgettable. You’ll spend less time trying to impress and, instead, you’ll be simply impressive.


Author: Sarah

Sarah Hastings is a career counselor with the Nursing/Education/SP2 advising group.