Have a career story? Tell us through the #myPennPath social media campaign

We at Career Services strive to give our students the very best resources to help them along their career paths. Knowing that many of you love sharing things on social media, we thought we’d come up with a campaign that allows you to tell your career stories to your friends. Our hope is that more students will learn the great things their peers are doing, and become interested in coming in to see us to get more information. We thought we’d throw in some prizes as incentive, too. Below outlines the overall campaign. We hope you’ll share your story!


What is #myPennPath?

  • A new initiative to share career resources and learn about career options.
  • An exciting opportunity where a simple tweet, or post on Facebook or Instagram can win you cool prizes.
  • A growing community that shares information on diverse, interesting career pathways.
  • Contributing a career tip, favorite resource, or story about your volunteer, fellowship, or full-time opportunity and using #MyPennPath enriches the #myPennPath community… AND enters you into a raffle to win prizes from Career Services.

Here’s how it works:

likeLike us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We want you to share your stories on your favorite social platform.


iphoneTake a selfie, a picture of your office, volunteer work, your mentor, or post anything career-related you’re doing during the summer and beyond. Have a career tip? Post a video. Headed to a conference? That counts, too!


Tell your friends about #MyPennPath and encourage them to share

prizeWin prizes from Career Services.


Examples of potential posts:
First time at @PennCareerServ for walk-ins and now have a great consulting resume. Next stop: Biomedical Career Fair #myPennPath

I wrote a blog for @PennCareerServ. Check out my experience at an environmental nonprofit #myPennPath::::link to blog::::

Found a great job on PennLink and @PennCareerServ helped me make a tailored cover letter for it! #myPennPath

Vault Career Insider helped me explore different careers in healthcare. Check it out! #myPennPath:::link to Vault guide::

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I started #myPennPath. Now I’m excited about my career in digital media :::link to video:::

I’ll be tweeting a #DayintheLife for @PennCareerServ tomorrow. Check out #myPennPath

Having a great summer internship as part of #myPennPath, making new connections and learning a lot!