Are you a GRADUATE STUDENT WHO JUST GRADUATED?: Please fill out the career plans survey!

by Julie Vick, Senior Career Counselor

Your response provides us with critical information about job market and salary trends that is extremely useful to current graduate students considering career options and to Career Services staff.  In the aggregate, the data from the surveys provide us with statistics to share with current and future graduate students who are evaluating career possibilities.   Previous years’ survey results on our website.

Go to:  You will be asked to input your PennKey and password.  It will take only five minutes to complete it.

All individual responses are confidentialIf you haven’t finalized your plans, please fill out the survey anyway.  And, remember: our services are available to you for as long as you may need them.  Do not hesitate to call (215) 898-7530 to make an appointment or find out about walk-in hours.

Author: Julie Miller Vick

Julie Miller Vick is the Senior Associate Director in Career Services for graduate students and post docs.