Learning About Opportunities

Julie Vick, Senior Career Advisor

Be open to how and where you might learn about a great job opportunity or helpful contact

Ove the years students and alumni have told me about the unexpected places, groups and individuals from whom they learned about job openings and/or resourceful people.  I’ve kept a list of them and include some here in hopes that an entry or two will provide ideas for your own job search.

Groups and individuals

  • Summer camp friends and campers’ parents
  • City-wide/regional choral/orchestra group members
  • High school athletic team members
  • Parent’s friends
  • Friend’s parents
  • Friend’s parent’s friends
  • Elementary/middle school/high school friends
  • Book group members
  • Fellow religious congregation members

Places and situations

  • Cocktail party
  • Doctor’s office
  • Barbershop/hair salon
  • Neighborhood coffee shop/deli
  • Gym/community center
  • Pop-up shops and art galleries

Be open to learning in unexpected places and feel free to add your suggestions to this list!

Author: Julie Miller Vick

Julie Miller Vick is the Senior Associate Director in Career Services for graduate students and post docs.