CS Radio Episode 9: “Networking”

episode 9

This week, we’re very excited to welcome our first student gust!  McKenna Finger is a junior in Wharton and she joins us this week to talk about the power of networking and how she leveraged connections she made through Penn, friends and family into working opportunities.  Mylène and Michael also provide some networking tips for everyone preparing to return home for Thanksgiving break.  All that, plus This Week in Career Services!

Programming Note: Since Thanksgiving shortens the school week, we won’t have a new episode next week.  We hope everyone has a peaceful and joyous Thanksgiving – we’ll see you back here with a new episode on November 30th!


Author: J. Michael DeAngelis

J. Michael DeAngelis is the Information Specialist in Career Services and Editor-at-Large of this blog. He is also a professional playwright and actor.