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Rather than do my usual new semester blog post (welcome back, second semester is a new year and a new beginning, etc), I thought I would share a little information about LinkedIn’s new student app, which will be launched later in the semester. I got a sneak preview this week, and I liked what I saw. The app allows students to get five career tips a day on their mobile devices. For example, a student is shown a job title. If she is interested, she can read a typical job description, see sample current job listings, get a list of top employers who employ people in the role, see the skills people in this role typically have, learn about similar job titles or similar roles, and see alumni who are currently working in this position. All this information comes from the profiles of millions of LinkedIn members. If the student is interested in the job, she stars it. If not, she moves on to the next screen. Next time the student logs in, the app uses the starred choices to provide more accurate recommendations and information.

The LinkedIn student app will undoubtedly do more than what I saw during a brief demonstration. As soon as the app is ready, we will be sure to publicize. It has the potential to be a valuable source of real-time career information that can be customized to the student user through the power of data analytics.

A big problem for many students is lack of information. What, they ask, does a marketing manager do? This app can answer that question. It can suggest skills that students might want to develop, based on the skills of successful marketing managers today. If students have some of these skills, they should include them on their own LinkedIn profiles, so that they are more likely to be found in a search by hiring managers down the road.

So yes, welcome back, all the best in your new semester. Get the most out of your academic program: learn as much as you can, and develop your skills. Both will serve you well. Those of us in Career Services look forward to working with you to help you translate what you know, and the skills you have into career goals and next steps.

Author: Patricia Rose

Patricia Rose is the Director of Career Services at the University of Pennsylvania.

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