CS Radio Episode 13 – “That’s Entertainment”

episode 13

Early February sees many Career Services programs related to careers in entertainment, including an amazing alumni speaker and our Creative Careers job fair.  In preparation, Michael and Mylène welcome two students guests from the Class of 2016 into the studio.  Ann Mollin, who interned at several Hollywood production companies, is joined by Samantha Apfel, who spent a summer at William Morris-Endeavor.  Both separately and together, they offer great advice and insight into getting a job in entertainment.

All that, plus the usual witty banter and look at the week ahead.  Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes!



Author: J. Michael DeAngelis

J. Michael DeAngelis is the Information Specialist in Career Services and Editor-at-Large of this blog. He is also a professional playwright and actor.