Enjoy Spring Break!


Wherever you’re headed this week, whether it’s to your home or a far away destination, we hope you have a safe and relaxing spring break!

Career Services remains open all during spring break, 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. (Extended library hours resume after break.) If you’re still on campus, it’s the perfect time to drop in for an appointment or, if you’re away, give us a call!

We look forward to seeing you!  Happy break!

Don’t Panic

Tamara Mason, Administrative Assistant for Wharton Undergraduate and SEAS

We’re just about at the halfway mark for this Spring semester.  With so many things going on it may suddenly be hitting some of you that your summer/post graduation plans aren’t finalized.  As I like to say to students in this situation, there is no need to hit the panic button. Yes, there are going to be those students who’ve already landed their dream position and are sitting pretty.  One thing to remember is that not everyone is going to be the same.  There are going to be some who weren’t able to secure something through On-Campus Recruiting, or other job/internship hunting methods. You’re not alone and that is something to keep in mind.  Eventually things will work out!

Another point to remember is that not all industries recruit during the same seasons.  It is possible that your dream job/internship makes their selections later on in the school year.  No matter the situation, just relax and try to think positively.  And if you ever need help, stop into our office to speak to someone about your options.