Organizing Your Job Search

by Sharon Fleshman

So you’re looking at a pile of business cards on your desk from the most recent career fair and a screen full of emailed job postings. Now what?  Here are some tips to stay organized with your job search.

Carve out dedicated time. Make sure that you are tending to your job search on a regular basis.  Whether it’s two hours every Saturday morning or 30 minutes before dinner five times a week,  consider what works best for you.

Have a place to store key information (e.g. applications sent, contacts made, etc.) and document your progress. You may choose to work with a spreadsheet or with a more sophisticated tool such as Jobtreks, which can be accessed on our Job Search page.

Establish a support system. A colleague of mine has found that when he facilitates job search groups, the members begin to support one another in the process.  Be intentional about having a space where you can give and receive encouragement as you conduct your job search. Such a “space” may be a job search group, a mentor’s office, or an informational interview with an alum. Career Services advisors are also available to help you strategize and stay on track.

Author: Sharon

Sharon Fleshman is the Senior Associate Director of Career Services for students in Education, Nursing and Social Policy & Practice.