What do Penn students do?

Every year, our office releases a wide array of surveys to help showcase what Penn students do either during the summer or after graduation. Both school-specific and Penn-wide, these surveys can be invaluable resources for students at Penn, no matter their year or career interest for a bunch of different reasons. Here are just a few things that our surveys can help with:


Freshmen / Sophomores:

Identifying a major – See what other Penn students have done after graduation with a particular major of interest in our First Destination reports. We often try to dispel the myth that your major needs to be fully related to your career goals so looking at the survey helps us reinforce that economics majors can be in the entertainment industry or music majors can work in investment banking.



Exploring summer opportunities – Use your peers’ experiences as a way to identify specific companies or internship programs that students have attended in previous years. You can also see when students received their offers to get a better sense of when the best time to look in a particular industry might be.



Brainstorming job titles or companies for your full-time search – Start your job search by finding exact positions that Penn students were hired in last year.

Researching for salary negotiation – Consider the salary ranges of past Penn students by industry and job function to help negotiate your starting salary.


With real world examples, our surveys are a wealth of information that can be a great practical tool in your future planning.