High Hopes

I must confess, the past few days I’ve been a little preoccupied with baseball. And by “baseball,” I mean the Phillies. (And by “a little,” I mean, a lot.) After a season of ups (Roy Halladay’s perfect game) and downs (more injuries than I could even keep track of) followed by a spectacular September, Charlie Manuel’s team found themselves not only in the playoffs, but the arguable favorite to win the NL penant. Which brings us to today: down 3 games to 1 in the Division Championship series, with our ace Halladay starting against San Fransciso’s ace, Tim Lincecum. Do or die. Win tonight or go home.

Any analogy I might make here to THIS particular situation and the job search or to how Career Services can help you get into medical school or prepare you for life in the real world would only be tortured, and not really useful at all.

So instead, I’ll take a page out of Harry Kalas‘s book and burst into song… (okay well I won’t actually do that, but I’ll copy some lyrics down and link to a video):

When you are down lift your head off the ground
There’s a lot to be learned so look around

Once there was a silly old ant
Thought he’d move a rubber tree plant
Everyone knows an ant, can’t
Move a rubber tree plant

But he had high hopes, he had high hopes
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

So when you start to feelin’ low
‘stead of lettin’ go
Just remember that ant
Hoop there goes another rubber tree plant
Hoop there goes another rubber tree plant
Hoop there goes another rubber tree plant…

(Wow, some of those fans are nearly as tone deaf as I am!)

So actually HERE is where I’ll make the aforementioned tortured analogy.

Considering life after college or graduate school and contemplating the “real world” can be incredibly daunting. I remember being not at all certain I could handle finding a job, starting that hypothetical new job, paying my own bills, keeping track of health insurance and dentist appointments and having time to make dinner and have a social life outside the comfortable confines of school. But, here I am, 5 years later and it hasn’t been so bad at all. I look around and all of my friends from high school and college are thriving, pursuing drastically different career paths but all having so much fun establishing themselves professionally and personally. I certainly felt like that fabled ant during college attempting the impossible, but my friends and I all DID move that rubber tree plant. You will, too.

Hopefully HK’s words can bring you some solace, as they do for me when I consider the challenge that’s ahead for the Phillies tonight. Let’s go, Phillies!

Attention! Website Construction Underway!

The Career Services website is going to be under construction this week.

image via B Tal on Flickr

We’re updating our layout so that things will be easier to find. (Office hours and a Google map of our location on every page! And our phone number, too!)  We’re also combining our resources for undergraduates into one centralized place rather than dividing up resources by school, and on all pages the navigational links will change to be organized by audience.

In the meantime you may encounter some dead links, redirects, and inconsistencies throughout the site.  If you’ve bookmarked a page, you may need to correct the link.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you’ll excuse us for the week. By Monday the 23rd we hope to have everything running smoothly again.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at mylene@upenn.edu.

Lazy Summer Afternoons in the Career Services Library

by Mylène Kerschner

Have a little downtime this summer? A break between summer school classes or an afternoon off from your internship?  It’s easy in the summer to seize those free moments and just kick back completely – turn on your music and head for Rittenhouse or Clark Park to relax and think of nothing. You’ve certainly earned it after your coursework this academic year!  But maybe one day if it looks like a thunderstorm is threatening  or, say, it’s 90 degrees and you can see the heat rising from the street, you should come in to the Career Services library and explore the books we have available to read in our comfortable air conditioning.

The Career Services Library
The Career Services Library

While we have lots of books divided by industry (from accounting & finance to education & teaching to scientific research), we also have a whole section on how to decide your career path if the mere thought of selecting from one of those other categories makes you a little nauseous.

Here are just a few of those offerings, all with great tips:

Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People
What Should I Do with My Life?
No More Ramen

Summer is a great time to set aside an afternoon for a little self-reflection. Come on in, get out of the heat and check out the Career Services library.   We’re here Monday through Friday, 9 – 5.  (And you can still listen to your music in here – with headphones!)

Guest Blogging at Going Global – Volunteering Abroad

Career Services Job & Internship Coordinator Shannon Kelly is featured on the Going Global blog. She discusses her international volunteer experience outside Bath, England.

Monkton Combe, UK

Check out the interview and learn how you too can go abroad, get off the beaten path, and lend a hand all at the same time!

Drumroll, please!

Penn Career Services is delighted to announce our new blog name and contest winner!

The Penn Career Services blog will be called: Penn & Beyond: Thoughtful Career Advice for Penn Students and Alumni.

(courtesy of ADoseofShipBoy via Flickr)

Congratulations to Lin Yuan, who will receive the $25 iTunes gift card for submitting the inspiration: PENNsive: Thoughtful Career Advice for Penn Students and Alumni and also to counselor Helen Cheung for suggesting “…& Beyond.”

Thanks to everyone who participated and keep coming back for thoughtful advice for your life beyond Penn!