Summer FUN – “For Using Networking”

After celebrating the birth of the USA on July 4th, it seems like the summer is nearly over.   I, for one, just want it to go on and on – I’m a beach girl!

Many of you may have already completed one half or more, of your summer internship. If so, I hope you are enjoying your experience and learning more about the world of work.  Speaking about the world of work, this is a good time to reflect on what you have done thus far.  Think about the projects you are working on, the new skills you have acquired, the people you have met.  Have you connected with others in your department, learned more about the organization, acquired a good feel for the culture?  If not, you still have ½ a summer to do so!

Offer to take an experienced member of the staff to coffee, or arrange a lunchtime get together. Learn about their career and their experiences. Share your interests, enthusiasm for the job, and express your appreciation for the opportunity to work at the organization.   This is a wonderful time to network with others in the industry and learn first-hand from experienced professionals what it is like to work there full-time as a permanent employee. 

Have a terrific rest of the summer!!

It’s Time to Go Shopping

Planning to look for a full-time job or internship this coming year?

With the beginning of the school year fast approaching take a look at your wardrobe to be sure you are prepared for potential interviews with employers.

For many organizations women and men will need to wear a suit.  tia

Find one that fits you and your budget and when you look in the mirror you say “I feel great in this”.   With a suit it is to better to lean toward the conservative side, but for some industries, a bright color would be appropriate.  Check out the webpages of the organizations that interest you and see how their employees are dressed in the ads.  Along with a suit, you need a shirt, blouse/shell (women you know what I’m referring to), shoes, socks for men that match the color of your trousers, stockings for women (if you wear them), and a tie for men.  I suggest 2 shirts/blouses and 2 ties.  I’ll leave the socks up to you.

Most of our Career Fairs are business casual dress.  This means a nice pair of slacks for men or women, a button down shirt or sweater set (for women), sobiz casualcks and shoes.  Women may choose to wear a skirt instead of slacks.  Business casual is not blue jeans, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops or sneakers.   Men may choose to wear a tie.

Women, have appropriate accessories for the wardrobe you choose…less is more.

Some organizations, many of which are in the tech sector, are totally casual – jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, etc.  The clothes are casual, but they are clean!

You’ll feel good knowing you are set to go for that first employer interaction!

Don’t Leave School Without It!

Graduating students, don’t leave Penn without setting up an Interfolio account through Career Services. This on line credential/reference management system offers you the opportunity to store letters of recommendation, and have them mailed whenever you apply for graduate school admission, jobs or special programs in the future.  This is the ideal time to ask current professors, your advisor, or others you have worked with for a recommendation.  Let the author of a letter know what your future plans may be.  Have a discussion with them to determine their willingness to write a recommendation for you.  More detailed information is available on the Career Services website:  How to Ask for a Recommendation.

Please go to Follow the instructions for opening an account and learn how the system works.

Pre-Health applicants will continue to use the Career Services Credentials system.

Don’t Leave Your Apartment Without It!

by Rosette Pyne

With so many students seeking full-time and internship opportunities at this time of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to remind you not to leave home without your resume.  You just don’t know where your travels may take you and what opportunities may be presented for a discussion about your job or internship search.

A few years ago one of our students was sitting in a coffee shop in a major east coast city.  She had traveled to town to find a job and was hoping to land one in technology consulting.  She had a Penn bag with her and while sipping coffee someone at the next table said, “do you go to Penn?”  A conversation began about why she was in town and as it turned out, this person was a Penn alumnus who worked at a consulting firm in that city.  She was asked “do you have your resume with you?”   She did have her resume and the next day she was in an interview for a position.  She was offered the job!

The Penn alumni network is fantastic, and many of our alumni enjoy helping other Penn affiliates when they can.  But networking isn’t limited just to alumni.  You may be in a class with an unexpected presenter, or at a get together downtown, or just meeting up with friends.   You just don’t know where you will meet someone who may be in a position to help you with your job search.  Be sure to have your resume with you, and use the opportunity to network.

Spring Fling & You on Facebook!

by Rosette Pyne

It won’t be long before Penn students are enjoying all the activities associated with Spring Fling…free food, games, live music, singing, dancing, concert at Franklin Field, partying and so much more.   Did I say partying???

Of course, everyone has a phone and there will be hundreds (thousands?) of pictures taken over the two days.  Many of those pics will be instantly uploaded to Facebook and viewed by friends, family and dare I say prospective employers?  I’m sure your photos will capture all the excitement and fun of the events and they will capture you.  They may even capture you in questionable and unflattering situations.  Not a good idea if you’re looking for a job – this year, next year, anytime.  A 2010 survey conducted by Vault .com 10 Things You Need to Know About Social Media for Your Job Search showed that more than one-third of the employers responding check a candidate’s social media presence.  This includes LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!  60% of the employers suggested students hide their personal pictures.   I also suggest you hide your pictures and delete any offensive wall posts, even if you didn’t write them yourself.

You want to be certain there isn’t anything on Facebook that would prompt an employer to remove you from the prospective candidate pool, or withdraw an existing offer.  When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Now You Know! Have a great time celebrating one of Penn’s traditions 🙂