What Handshake has to offer Grad Students and Postdocs

By now you’ve hopefully heard about Penn Career Services’ new online platform, Handshake.  We’re excited to announce that Handshake is now accessible to ALL current graduate students and postdocs!

While Handshake is a fantastic place for students of all levels to search for jobs and internships, schedule appointments, and learn about Career Services programming, I want to take some time to respond to what I know many graduate-level students might be thinking: What’s in it for me?

1. There are lots of employers on Handshake who are looking specifically for graduate-level candidates from Penn.

To be more specific, there are currently 886 employers who have posted 1,595 positions seeking graduate-level candidates, and this number is growing daily as more employers from around the world become connected with Penn on Handshake.

Here are some great examples of current postings:

2. Handshake gets to know your qualifications and interests, helping you to explore new opportunities!

It’s very important that you not only activate your account, but also fill out your career interests. Once you do this, Handshake will automatically and continually generate a list of jobs, Career Services events, and articles that are likely to be of interest to you.

Use this as an opportunity to explore how your interests might align with a range of different career fields, and to discover employers who are interested in recruiting students with your academic background!

3. Handshake’s job search feature makes it easy to narrow down the positions that meet your qualifications and interests even further.

You can filter opportunities by degree level (referred to as School Year in Handshake), academic major, keywords, location, size of company, job type, and more.

4. Moving forward, Handshake will be your one-stop shop for communicating with Career Services.

  • Schedule advising appointments and mock interviews
  • View and register for upcoming workshops, info sessions, and career fairs
  • Sign up for degree and industry-specific Career Mail to receive job postings and tailored newsletters from the Career Services team.
                                                       … ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Gain access to all of these great resources by activating your Handshake account now, and feel free to contact our office with any questions.