What’s Next?

Classes end today. Final papers, projects and exams await. And then comes summer. If you are beginning a job or an internship, please remember this message from Tom Friedman of The New York Times, who recently spoke here at Penn: “The world does not care what you know, it only cares what you do with what you know.”

As you start this next chapter, realize that you must demonstrate what you can do with all you have learned up to this point. Your Penn education can only take you so far. Once you are in the door, it is your responsibility to make the most of whatever position you have. Now is your opportunity to demonstrate all that you have learned, both inside the classroom, and in your other endeavors. This includes both academic content, and the more general, soft skills that can make or break a new hire, such as teamwork, initiative, communication skills, and punctuality.

A job or internship is a new beginning. Do all you can to get off to a good start. Show them what you can do with what you know. Good luck; have a great summer.