CS Radio – Episode 90: “Live Show” (Season Finale)

It’s the last episode of Season Four! Thank you so much for being loyal listeners! We’ll be back in September with more great career related conversations! Last week, Michael and Mylene were joined by Natty Leach for a live broadcast of CS Radio on Intsagram. The discussion was about an recent article in the New York Times about the perils of following your “passion,” followed by a Q&A session with the audience. Enjoy and we’ll see you next season!


CS Radio – Episode 89: “Summer Prep”

The summer came blowing in across the sea…or at least it will be soon! As the semester nears its end and the promise of summer stands tantalizingly before us, Mylene and Michael take a look at what you can be doing now to pre-plan for a career ready summer! Enjoy!

CS Radio – Episode 88: “Bad Decisions”

Spring Fling is over. Finals are upon us. Everyone is tired…but we have to keep our level heads about us in all things. From taking care of yourself to examining how you’re presenting yourself online, Michael and Mylène offer up some advice on avoiding bad decisions. Enjoy!


CS Radio – Episode 87: “Her Alma Matters”

It’s our first podcast crossover! This week, we are joined by the host of the Alma Matters podcast, Riane Puno (COL ’18) to discuss how she discusses the career paths of different Penn alumni on her show. It’s Penn podcast synergy at its finest! Enjoy!

Show Notes

CS Radio – Episode 86: “Data Viz Whiz”

This week, we are joined by the newest member of the Career Services family, Emily Barrale, the new Associate Director for Data Analysis and Visualization. We get to learn a little about Emily, including the work she was previously doing for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Then we take a look at some of the career outcomes for the Class of 2018, which Emily has just compiled into a report. Enjoy!

Show Notes