Day in the Life: Pounding the Pavement – Real Estate in NYC

What do I need to know if I’m moving to New York City?  What is it like to work in Real Estate in one of the largest cities in the world?  Alum John Contrubis posted to @PennCareerDay on Twitter, Tuesday April 10th to answer these questions.  During the week of April 9th we focused on resources to help you prepare for moving to a new city, whether it’s just for a summer internship or relocating for your career.   John has experience in the law and real estate industry, so brings a unique perspective to this subject.  To learn more about John, read his bio below and read his posts from April 10th on our Storify account!

John graduated from Penn in 1988 with a BA in International Relations then, like so many others, attended law school.  His career began as an attorney for Congress, but later took several turns as he pursued other interests.  John’s work went from representing Members of Congress to negotiating contracts on behalf of TV, film and news writers to creating an online market place for filmmakers.  He continued in the entertainment business by producing an educational TV series for NYC.  Later, he became involved in business development in the legal services industry and a start up business.  His lifelong interest in real estate took him on a different path where he is now pursuing a passion in an industry that flows through his blood going as far back as his great grandfather in Sparta, Greece.

As an Associate Real Estate Broker, John works on both commercial and residential real estate transactions.  He primarily works on the sales side, but continues to handle rentals through personal referrals.  His work day varies, but often includes networking, searching for property, finding leads, learning current inventory and incorporating real estate into all aspects of his life.



A Day in the Life: Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate is more than buying and selling houses, it’s about living and working environments.  There are a wide range of opportunities available to those interested in pursuing a career in real estate, one of those is in commercial real estate.  Morgan Hill (WH ’09) will contribute to @PennCareerDay on Twitter on Wednesday, April 6th and discuss her life in this area.  To learn more about Morgan, read below and don’t forget to follow her next week!

Morgan Hill, Associate, joined Retail Sites in January 2010 to focus on leasing and tenant representation services. Ms. Hill is a 2009 graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Real Estate.  Prior to graduating, Morgan held internships at Interstate Commercial assisting in site selection activities and Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust where she supported the leasing department. While at Wharton, Ms. Hill served as Research Assistant in the Wharton Real Estate Department.