LinkedIn is Coming to Penn

by Shannon C. Kelly

Last week, my colleague Michael highlighted the importance of linking in here on Penn & Beyond. I’m here to support his post, but stress how critical it is to connect in the coming weeks when you’re home for Thanksgiving.  High school reunions, spending time with cousins/aunts/uncles and visiting with old friends is the PERFECT opportunity to build your network.  Utilizing LinkedIn is a very handy tool to keep track of these connections and stay in touch.  So, what’s the deal with all this LinkedIn attention lately?

Well, I’m excited to announce that LinkedIn is coming to Penn after the Thanksgiving break.  John Hill is LinkedIn’s Higher Education Evangelist (yes, that’s his real title), and he’ll be here to speak to you – undergraduate and graduate students – on Tuesday, November 29th at 12noon in the Ben Franklin Room at Houston Hall.   Why should you come?  Here are two really important reasons:

First and foremost,  college students and recent graduates in the job market are joining LinkedIn at twice the rate of its overall membership, according to a recent interview with LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner on ABC (Weiner is a Penn alum).  This means a lot of your peers are on the network, and you should be too.  This will help you compete in today’s job market, but also stay in touch with them.

Secondly, what better way to understand how to maximize this tool than from someone who works at LinkedIn?  This is a rare and unique opportunity to get your questions answered straight from the source.  Hill has been traveling all over the country and world to listen to feedback and share best practices when it comes to using LinkedIn.  There is only one of him at LinkedIn and hundreds of universities out there – we are very lucky to have him!

Hill’s talk on November 29th is about helping you understand this tool because it is powerful. I hope that you join us and John Hill.  If you would like to come, just give us some notice and RSVP here.