CareerCast: Finding an Internship in Finance

by Jaclyn Chen (W ‘12) & Angie Luo (C ‘11)

Welcome back from Spring Break!

Our newest video in the “Finding an Internship” series is up! Thanks to the students who were interviewed, we compiled a video clip on how to find an internship in financial services. These students worked at a variety of companies domestic and abroad. Hopefully, listening to their stories will help you gain insight into the internship process.

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CareerCast: Finding a Consulting Internship

by Jaclyn Chen (W ’12) & Angie Luo (C ’11)

Introducing our first of many industry-specific videos!

As work-study students in Career Services, we were given the project to interview Penn students about their internships in certain industries: consulting, finance, public sector, and communications (we’ll be expanding to more industries in the future).  We asked different questions about how they found their internship, what their responsibilities were, what they learned, what skills they used, etc.  We tried to ask the kinds of questions we have ourselves about the internship process and we hope you find their answers as enlightening as we did.

The response we got was great, and we’ve started to compile the videos by industry and then by question. Here’s the first one:  “Consulting: Finding an Internship”

Enjoy – and let us know if there’s a specific industry you’d like to see explored in the future!

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