Upcoming Events:
Spring 2021

Event: BBB Teaching Award 2020-2021
When Due: Friday, April 30
What: Every year, the BBB Society votes for and presents a teaching award for a professor in the BBB Department. The year, the award will be presentied at the virtual graduation reception on May 15th.
How: Please vote for your favorite BBB professor Here

Event: Clearer Thinking Grant Application
When Due: Monday, May 17 at 5pm EST
What: Are you interested in improving the world using concepts from psychology, behavioral economics, math, or social science? Can you come up with ideas for teaching a skill, concept, framework, or behavior change strategy that would work well in an interactive, digital format? Clearer Thinking is awarding micro grants (up to $595 across 4 stages) for proposals, outlines, and realizations of short, online learning modules that align with their mission to improve people's lives.
How: Read their application guide for all the details Here
Note: You do not need to have programming or content development experience to apply. This opportunity is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, who enjoys learning new skills, wants to gain experience in online content creation, or has a practical idea for creating a happier, more rational society.

Event: BRAINterns Webinar Series
When: July 1-July 24 in English and July 26-July 30 in Spanish
What: The BRAINterns Webinar Series is a free program for anyone interested in neuroscience and/or healthcare. The program is hosted by the Lenox Hill Department of Neurosurgery, including two Penn alumni, Dr. David Langer and Dr. John Boockvar, whom you may recognize from the Netflix docu-series Lenox Hill. Through lectures given by renowed surgeons, PAs, NPs, and administrative staff, students will learn more about innovation in the clinical research world, neurosurgical practice, surgical video editing, and the ins and outs of applying to medical school. Students will have the opportunity to earn a certificate for their participation in the program.
How: Register Here
Note: More information about BRAINterns and social media pages can be found Here

Ongoing Events:
Spring 2021

Event: Course Advising/Coffee Chats
What: If you are interested in scheduling a course advising coffee chat with one of our board members, please sign up Here.

Event: Volunteering Opportunity: Satellite Learning Program (SLP)
What: SLP at Penn is a remote tutoring service for children in Philadelphia's homeless shelters. The tutoring is one-on-one with a time commitment of at least one hour per week.
How: If you are interested, please sign up Here

Event: Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentorship
What: Penn Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization whose mission is to recruit Penn students to volunteer as a mentor to a child in the West Philadelphia community. Currently, due to COVID-19, all mentoring meetings are occuring virtually until it is safe to resume in-person activities. They are looking for more mentors to start during the 2021-2022 school year.
How: Please email: PennBigs@independencebigs.org

Previous Events:
Spring 2021

Event: BBB Executive Board Applications for 2021/2022
When Due: Wednesday, March 31st
Available Positions: Philanthropy Chair, Academic Chair, Technology/Media Chair
How: Apply Here

Event: Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair
When Due: Saturday, March 20th
What: Create short video (5 min maximum) about the taste and olfactory system and/or brain trauma and why it is important to wear a helmet. We have scripts that you can choose to follow, but feel free to make any necessary changes to add your own creative twist! If you are interested in entering the competition, please reach out to us for scripts.
How: Email submissions to: bbbsocietypenn@gmail.edu

Event: Speaker Event with Dr. Kurt Brunden with the Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society
When: Thursday, March 4th at 7:00 PM EST
What: Join the Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society for a Speaker Event with Dr. Kurt Brunden, Director of Drug Discovery for the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research (CNDR). This is a great opportunity to learn about drug discovery at Penn and current innovation pipelines in neurodegenerative disease research. We wanted to share this opportunity and encourage all to attend.

Event: 2020-2021 Introductory General Body Metting (GBM)
What: Find the slides from our introductory GBM for the 2020-2021 school year Here

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