CAP Dinner

December 5, 2009 •  Events  • 

Saturday, December 5  •  7pm  • Houston Hall
Last event of the semester! Join us for a scrumptious meal before finals start. We are ordering food from Tandoori chicken and we'll be dining at 7PM on the first floor of Houston Hall adjacent to the creperie (same location as our Thanksgiving Thai-style meal).

Thanksgiving Dinner

October 18, 2009 •  Events  • 

Sunday, October 18  •  7pm  •  Houston Hall
Happy Thanksgiving! Get excited for some Thai food from Thai Singa, with a choice of Thai chicken or beef. We will be meeting at 7:00 PM at the lounge beside the Creperie in Houston Hall. Please remember to bring your $10 so you can partake in this dining experience. Can't wait to see you all there!

Fall Fest: Poutine Sale!

October 9, 2010 •  Events  • 

Saturday, October 10 •  2pm-6pm  •  College Green
Get excited for the first annual Fall Festtomorrow on College Green from 2-6 pm! Make sure that you come check out the Canadians at Penn booth located outside Van Pelt Library. Desperately in need of some hearty Canadian food, eh? No problem, we will be selling some real Canadian food: poutine, cooked by real Canadians! Bring your friends and make sure you stop by and say hi!

Meet & Greet

September 24, 2010 •  Events  • 

Saturday, September 26  •  4pm  •  36th and Locust
Canadians @ Penn is holding a meet & greet this Saturday at 4PM. Please come on down and meet fellow Canadian students! Snacks and drinks will be served, and Canadian music will be played. We will be outdoors on 36th and Locust (by the group of cafe-style chairs). You will find a big Canadian flag there! If it rains, we will be in Houston Hall, Room 311 Griski Room (3rd floor).