What is PAAGSA?

The Pan-Asian American Graduate Student Association (PAAGSA) seeks to improve the academic and social lives of Asian and Asian American graduate and professional students at the University of Pennsylvania, and increase their awareness about Asian and Asian American issues. Through our various social, academic, health and wellness, and service-related activities, we seek to establish connections between both international Asian and Asian American students across the graduate and professional schools, thereby fostering a sense of community among the Pan-Asian population at Penn.


The Pan-Asian American Graduate Student Association (PAAGSA) was founded in 2008. A revitalized group formerly known as Graduate Association for Asian American Students and Studies (GAASAM), PAAGSA has taken on a wide variety of roles on campus. Not only has it served as an advocate for Asian American interests in terms of community service and social justice issues, but it has also taken on an academic role in that it has brought together students interested in reading and discussing literature relevant to Asian Americans. Moreover, it has hosted social events, provided students with travel grants, and connected its members to various resource centers at the University of Pennsylvania, such as the Graduate Student Center (GSC) and the Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH), providing students with a sense of community. Ultimately, PAAGSA serves as a multifaceted organization that caters to the specific needs of its members.