In House Resources

  • Scenery - Stock flats, platforms, step units, doors. Construction and painting facilities.
  • Lighting - Equipment available to supplement standard inventories of campus theaters.
  • Costumes - Stock of character clothing. Facilities for construction and alteration.
  • Props and Furniture
  • Drafting facilities
  • Computer Lab

Drafting, Models, and Computer Graphics

The Performing Arts Shop provides a variety of methods to enable designers and technicians to create and visualize their designs. Along with manual drafting facilities the shop houses a small computer graphics lab and workshop space to create models. Drafting software (Bricscad) is also available on the workstations in the Platt Student Performing Arts House.

West Side Story
West Side Story - Quadramics April 1998. Produced w/ Autocad, Poser, and Radiance

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About the Shop

Ours is that magic place where all of the scenery, lights, and costumes are created for the Performing Arts Community at Penn. Here you will find the opportunity to learn, practice and hone your skills in Design and Stagecraft, Stage Management, Producing, and many other Back Stage activities.

Funded by SAC our primary function is to support member groups of the Performing Arts Council and the Theatre Arts Program. Arrangements can be made for use by non-SAC groups depending on availabilty.

The shop is located at:
4100 Walnut St. on the 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 898-5823 (office)
(215) 573-8647 (shop)

Contact Peter Whinnery, Technical Advisor or Michelle Moller, Shop Supervisor for more info.

  • The Shop Handbook - Policies, Tools, Methods, Material, and Stock. X
  • Watch a Load-in! (18MB)
  • The Techie Gospel.

    Shop Calendar

  • Online Resources

    Safety and Training Videos

    The Virtual Lighting Design Lab

    See your Design ideas come to life before you get into the theatre. Explore virtual theatre projects.

    As You Like It

    As You Like It Theatre Arts Program 2006
    Design: Ben Kamine

    The Techie Picnic

    Annual gathering of the Tech community at the end of each school year. Four-Square, Bar-B-Q, and Kickball are among the traditional activities.
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