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Thanks to the generous donations of The Penn Gazette and Kelly Writer's House, the Penn Publication's Cooperative is proud to host the "PubCo Awards." The PubCo Awards provide student publications with an opportunity to showcase the best work they have produced over the course of a year and provide the student writers, photographers, and artists of a publication with the opportunity to receive meaningful feedback. Below, you will find both a list of the categories in this year's PubCo Awards and a list of the rules that will govern submissions.

Previous Winners:





Best Single Print Magazine – $500

The Best Single Print Magazine category considers the competing publication both in terms of its print and online content. To compete in this category, please submit a collection of pieces that you think best represents your publication's work and provide a URL to your publication's website.

Best Layout across a Single Issue – $500
The Best Layout category judges the layout of a single issue. To compete, please upload a PDF of an entire issue.


Research Analysis  

Best Research/Analysis Article: Natural Sciences – $150

Best Research/Analysis Article: Social Sciences and Humanities – $150

Best Research/Analysis Article: Cultural Trend – $150


Best Opinion Piece – $150

Best Interview – $150



Best First Person Narrative – $150

Best Humor – $150

Best Fiction Piece – $150



Best Photograph – $150

Best Illustration or Physical Art – $150


Based on the discretion of the judges, a Judge's Choice Award may also be given.   

Based on the discretion of the judges, it is also possible that no magazine win a given award.


The following rules govern submission:

- Submissions are due by March 1st, 2016.
   - Only PubCo members in good standing are allowed to submit pieces for consideration.
   - Submissions must have been published between the start of February 2015 and the end of February 2016.
  - We strongly recommend that publications use the text box below to provide an explanation (200 words max) as to why they chose that piece for submission.
  - A publication CANNOT submit more than one piece for a given category. However, a publication CAN submit a single piece to multiple categories.
   - Submissions must be the work of current or former Penn students.

Best of luck!

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