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Doublespeak showcases work from different languages and writing styles. We accept both original pieces and those translated from a foreign language into English. The aim is not only to promote working with other languages, but also to highlight the art of translation. Translation involves much more than translating a piece of work from one language to another. It includes efforts to maintain emotion, form, style and meaning.
IMPACT Magazine October 2014
IMPACT Magazine is a publication and community of undergraduate, student voices with the mission to cultivate a culture of involvement at Penn and to bring awareness to the social impact activities of students, alumni, faculty, and organization s in our immediate and global community.
The Consul
Penn Appetit Penn Appétit is an innovative, student-run food magazine at the University of Pennsylvania—and the oldest one of its kind in the country. From dorm room doughnuts to five-star foie gras torchon, we showcase the best eats in Philly and beyond.Penn Appétit publishes one hard copy issue each semester.
Penn Asian Review provides a forum for Penn undergraduates to intellectually discuss all aspects of the Asia-Pacific region. The Review consists of an open weblog forum and a semi-annual publication. The weblog forum aims to provide an informal platform for students to post comments while the journal publication will include academic papers, features, analysis, editorials, and other pertinent material. Thus, the group seeks to promote intelligent awareness of current events and long-term issues of the region through serious discourse.
The Fword
Penn Bioethics Journal is the premier peer-reviewed undergraduate bioethics journal. Established in 2004, the Journal provides a venue for undergraduates to make contributions to the field of bioethics. Embracing the interdisciplinarity of bioethics, PBJ reviews and publishes original work addressing debates in medicine, technology, philosophy, public policy, law, theology, and ethics, among other disciplines. The biannual issue also features news briefs summarizing current issues and interviews with eminent figures in the field. Authors and the editorial staff alike have a unique opportunity to experience the peer-review process through the collaborative and rigorous review and preparation of the Journal. With an audience ranging from undergraduates to scholars in the field, and the broader public seeking unbiased information, the Penn Bioethics Journal occupies a unique niche in the field of bioethics.
La Vida December 2012
Penn Political Review was founded in 2003 as The Soapbox Magazine and has grown over the past 10 years to include a wide spectrum of student, faculty, and guest opinions from the University of Pennsylvania community. PPR articles are chosen by a non-partisan Editorial Board that seeks incisive, provocative pieces representing the views of Penn’s diverse community.
Wharton International Business Review Spring 2012
Penn Sustainability Review is the only sustainability-focused publication at Penn. PSR is completely student-run, with online and print platforms featuring sustainability-related opinion editorials, leadership interviews, and academic papers across a wide range of disciplines. Since its inception in Fall 2011, PCR has aimed to provide a platform to exchange knowledge, ideas, and perspectives on wide-ranging sustainability issues, with the generous support of the Penn Green Fund Grant, Earth and Environmental Science Department, Kelly Writer's House and the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy. PCR is now also a proud member of the Student Sustainability Association and the Publishing Coalition at Penn.
Penn Science
PennScience Journal of Undergraduate Research is a multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal published by the Science and Technology Wing at the University of Pennsylvania. A key goal of the journal is to make publication more accessible to college and high-school students, providing a peer-reviewed journal dedicated solely to their work. Publication in academic journals is a time-consuming process which is not always suitable for the duration and scale of projects done by undergraduates; PennScience seeks to create another option will allow more students to publish their research.
Penn Undergraduate Law Journal
Penn Undergraduate Law Journal is a student-run research publication that seeks to foster scholarly discourse on topical and historical issues pertaining to law or the legal system. In this spirit, the journal’s principal objective is to publish exceptional undergraduate works, drawn from an array of disciplinary perspectives, that evaluate and elucidate the intricacies, vagaries, and nuances o flaw as they relate to domestic and international affairs, business, academia, and society. PULJ aims to sustained and enrich a vibrant discussion about law at the undergraduate level because it recognizes that the student writers of today will be the leaders, lawyers, and scholars of tomorrow.
Penn Undergraduate Law Journal
Symbiosis is a student-run publication dedicated to uniting visual and literary art through collaborations between student artists and writers. Symbiosis believes in the mutually beneficial exchange of creative ideas across disciplines. Symbiosis pairs artists with writers in the hope that they can rethink their art, and rethink what it means to collaborate.
Penn Undergraduate Law Journal
Synapse serves as the University of Pennsylvania's only multidisciplinary student run healthcare publication. Synapse prides itself on maintaining a very diverse focus, and cover issues in healthcare ranging from medical research to health care economics and ethics.
Penn Undergraduate Law Journal
The Punch Bowl was founded in 1899 by disenchanted rich Ivy Leaguers who established a tradition of excellence and scathing social satire The Punch Bowl maintain to this day, though sadly the amount of yacht owners on staff has declined steadily since its founding.
Wharton International Business Review Spring 2012
The Walk Magazine founded in 2006 at the University of Pennsylvania as a student initiative and and continues to be a student-fueled organization. thewalkmagazine.com, launched in 2010, as a sister to the print edition of Penn's only fashion publication. With content updated daily, thewalkmagazine.com aims to provide the Penn community with its widely-demanded fashion fix year round.
Wharton International Business Review Spring 2012
The Wharton International Business Review is the only undergraduate print publication from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. IBR features internationally relevant articles written by University of Pennsylvania undergraduates and interviews with international business executives. With every issue, we aim to bring a global vision to the business world. Click the image above to view the most recent issue.