Upcoming events and opportunities:

Econ 300 Info Session

Date: March 16, 7-8pm
Location: SHDH 1201

For those intending to do a senior thesis in economics. Prof. Behrman will begin with a brief overview of the course, followed by a panel of current students who will describe their research, share their hard-earned wisdom, and answer questions. Pizza will be served. Register here.

Coffee Chat with Aislinn Bohren

Date: March 21st, 1:30-2:30pm
Location: McNeil 409

An informal chat with Prof. Bohren, to learn about her work and ask questions. Her interests include social learning and contract design. Register here.

Graduate School Panel

Date: March 29, 7-8pm
Location: TBD

Thinking about graduate school in economics? We’ve put together a panel of current PhD students, who will share their perspectives on research and graduate coursework and give their advice on how you can best prepare. Register here.

Coffee Chat with Yuchi Yamamoto

Date: April 4, 4-5pm
Location: McNeil 409

An informal chat with Prof. Yamamoto, to learn about his work and ask questions. His research interests include repeated games and stochastic games. Register here.

Study Break

Date: May 2
Location: Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall

Taking an econ class and stressed about midterms/finals? Just want free food? Either way, stop by the Undergraduate Economics Society's study break! Econ tutors from the tutoring center will be available, along with UES members to provide words of wisdom. (And again, free food!)

Corporate events:

Cooke & Bieler Internship

Cooke & Bieler is an established, Philadelphia-based investment management firm with approximately $5.0 billion in assets under management.
Founded in 1949, we are an independent, domestic equities manager focused on value investing and committed to bottom-up, fundamental research. A long-term investment horizon and attention to business quality underpin our differentiated perspective. The firm manages portfolios for a broad base of institutional clients – both domestic and international – and has a demonstrated track record of performance.
We are seeking highly qualified candidates for a part-time Associate position during the spring to work in the office two or three times a week while completing his/her final semester.
This internship is designed to provide insights into the post-graduate Associate Rotational Program in Trading & Operations, Compliance, and Marketing, and will grant exposure to the functions of a buy-side investment manager.
In addition to working with the full-time Associates, candidates will implement various projects as needed by the firm. Beyond their primary responsibilities, candidates will attend meetings with portfolio managers and public companies’ executives, analyze economic trends, and conduct securities research. Successful interns may be considered for a full-time position in the summer.
Deadline: March 15, 2016
Contact Alice Chang, Associate Analyst
Email: recruiting@cooke-bieler.com
Phone: (215) 567-1101

Some of our previous events:

John Nash "A Beautiful Mind" Movie and Lecture

John Forbes Nash, Jr. was an American mathematician, whose theories are used in economics and other fields. Join us for a lecture on John Nash and the history of game theory and to watch the Oscar-winning biographical drama A Beautiful Mind.

The Interconnectivity of Banks and the Global Financial Crisis with Camelia Miniou

Camelia Miniou currently works in the Research Department on fiscal policy at the IMF and discussed the interconnectivity of banks and how that contributed to the global financial crisis. We really enjoyed her presentation, and many students were able to ask questions at the end.

A Discussion with Jared Bernstein

Jared Bernstein was the Chief Economist and Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, executive director of the White House Task Force on the Middle Class, and a member of President Obama's economic team. Today, he is a Senior Fellow at the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities.

Lawrence H. Summers Speaker Event

Larry Summers is one of our country's leading economists, serving as Secretary of the Treasury under the Clinton administration and Director of the White House National Economic Council under President Obama. Talk is cosponsored with Penn Democrats.

Columbia Business School Research

Learn about Columbia Business School's Full-time Research Associate Program, Summer Research Internship Program, and PhD Program. These programs are great for students who want to leverage their analytical skills to work on cutting-edge research in math, computing, and social sciences.

Manhattan Prep Grad School Week

This three-day program helps students who are interested in pursuing an MBA, Law Degree, or any other masters degree. Manhattan Prep teachers give free lessons and offer tips on how to do well on the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE.

Final Exam Study Break

Study with fellow UES members. Cookies and coffee will be provided in Van Pelt Library

Journal Club

Participate in discussions about economics and current events. Topics range from the Eurozone Crisis to the impact of energy prices on firms and policymakers.

Sylvia Nasar

A Professor of Business Journalism at Columbia University, Dr. Sylvia Nasar is a former economic correspondent for The New York Times and the author of the bestseller A Beautiful Mind . Nasar will be speaking on the revival of interest in Karl Marx and the myths surrounding his economic theories.