Featured Alumni.

Since there are so many career options with an econ degree, we interviewed some former UES members to see what they are up to. See what they said below. If you would like to contact any of our alums, please email us at pennues@gmail.com for their information.

Noa Bendit-Shtull

Industry: Economic Consulting
Did you major/minor in anything at Penn other than econ? minor in math, Mandarin certificate
Where do you work now? Cornerstone Research. Cornerstone works on financial and economic analysis for corporate litigation. As an analyst, I do a mix of qualitative analysis (review of legal and financial documents, as well as academic literature) and quantitative analysis (statistical analysis, regressions, coding). Analysts at Cornerstone are generalists, so I work on cases in all types of industries (finance, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods, for example), and on all types of litigation (anti-trust, securities fraud, false advertising, etc).
Favorite Penn course? STAT 476 was my favorite course; it was fascinating to learn about an alternative to forecasting besides regression, after so much focus on regression in econometrics.

Brian Collopy

Industry: Academia (Currently in grad school pursuing my PhD)
Did you major/minor in anything at Penn other than econ? Math. Also a math master's. Started in engineering
Where do you study now? Yale (Economics PhD Program)
Favorite Penn course? World at War with Childers. (Incredible story-teller, World War II, I loved seeing the economics in it, and the reading was fun.)
Another great one is Dante's Divine Comedy with Brownlee (incredibly interesting, great professor, not too tough)
Any advice for current econ students? Going on to a PhD requires much more of your undergraduate career than you may think.
There's a ton to love about economics even if your professors are not good at showing you.
Read Undercover Economist by Tim Harford.
You can do the math.
A semester of computer science is enough to learn basically any language--and it will be useful for the rest of your life beyond the major.
Go to UES coffee chats and get involved in UES.

Jonathan Korn

Industry: Government, Finance, Consumer Finance
Did you major/minor in anything at Penn other than econ? Math, NELC, Arabic
Where do you work now? Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Favorite Penn course? Law and Economics (in the law school) - Opportunity to write (something resembling) a real econ paper.
Any advice for current econ students? Challenge yourself especially with courses, make relationships with professors and other students, consider jobs through OCR but also other avenues. Think critically about what you want your life to look like and consider making a plan - or several.

Charles Rubenfeld

Industry: Finance
Did you major/minor in anything at Penn other than econ? Poli Sci Minor
Where do you work now? Morgan Stanley

Geoffrey Vasudevan

Industry: Investment Banking
Did you major/minor in anything at Penn other than econ? Computer Science
Where do you work now? Signal Hill Capital Group
Favorite Penn course? Market Design, it was an interesting exploration of both the theoretical and applied pieces of matching and auction theory.