Founded in 1976, Void Ultimate at the University of Pennsylvania is the longest continually running ultimate team in Philadelphia. We are a Division I Men's College Ultimate program which competes in the East Pennsylvania Section and Ohio Valley Region underneath USAU. The team has won a national championship (1985) and has a strong base of alumni, many of whom are still actively involved in the sport.

At its core, Void strives to provide a valuable extracurricular experience to its players that will define their college experience. The current incarnation of the team travels throughout the eastern US for tournament play and fields two squads.

For more information on the history of Void, email void.ultimate@gmail.com.

Yearly Finishes

2020 Season: 8th at Regionals (2nd at Sectionals)
2019 Season: 13th at Regionals (3rd at Sectionals)
2018 Season: 13th at Regionals
2017 Season: 15th at Regionals
2016 Season: T-5th at Regionals (Sectionals Champions)
2015 Season: 7th at Regionals (Sectionals Champions)
2014 Season: 6th at Regionals
2013 Season: T-7th at Regionals
2012 Season: 9th at Regionals
2011 Season: 3rd at Sectionals
2009 Season: T-5th at Regionals
2008 Season: T-5th at Regionals
2007 Season: 7th at Regionals
2006 Season: 3rd at Sectionals
2005 Season: T-9th at Regionals
2004 Season: T-13th at Regionals
2003 Season: T-13th at Nationals
2002 Season: 5th at Regionals
2001 Season: 10th at Nationals
2000 Season: Did Not Qualify for Regionals
1994 Season: Qualified for Nationals
1993 Season: 5th at Regionals (Sectionals Champions)
1992 Season: Qualified for Regionals
1991 Season: 5th at Nationals
1990 Season: T-9th at Nationals
1989 Season: Qualified for Nationals
1985 Season: National Champions
1984 Season: T-3rd at Nationals

(No Record for 1986-1988, 1995-1999, 2010)