Need a Break?

by Shannon Kelly

As we approach August, arguably the last month of summer, I want to remind you to take a break! When I think of summer I think of the shore (or beach if you don’t go to New Jersey), Phillies baseball games and barbecues.  However, for many in the professional world, summer is a time characterized by professional development conferences, summer projects, working on annual reports, etc.  The summer can easily fly by and before you know it, it’s August (aka less than 2 days from now) and your window of vacation opportunity is closing.

via mandolin davis on Flickr

It is important to take care of your professional responsibilities, but it is equally important to not burn out.  If you burn out,  your productivity at work will likely nose dive and your ability to execute your responsibilities effectively will go with it.   You don’t want that, period.

Time away from email, the daily grind and just unplugging from regular life is priceless.  We are only human and do need a break every now and again to re-charge.  So whether you can take two weeks, or two days, I encourage you to take advantage of vacation time.  It is there, use it before you lose it (or your mind).