CS Radio – Episode 84: “Money Pool”

It may seem like a distant dream, but summer is just around the corner! Students may be facing difficult decisions about taking low-paid or unpaid internships and research opportunities, and while some deadlines have passed, there are still funding opportunities available across the university. Today, Mylene and Michael discuss where you can find them and how quickly you need to act on them. Also: How DID Scrooge McDuck swim through hard currency? Enjoy!

CS Radio – Episode 83: “Opening Lines”

Networking is an essential part of career development and exploration, but it can often feel intimidating to dive right in to conversations with people you may not know. This week, Michael and Mylène review some great opening lines to use in “blind” networking…and some not so great ones too. Enjoy!

  Show Notes

CS Radio – Episode 82: “Streaming”

It’s CS Radio with our very special guest host, N. Thomas Leach! (Yaaaay!) While Mylene takes a well deserved long weekend, Michael is joined by friend of the podcast Natty Leach to discuss the emerging career field of being a live streamer/YouTuber. If you’re interested in making this your career or if you’re already streaming and want to know how it might apply to your job search, this conversation has something for you! This is the first of what we hope will be several looks at emerging career fields.


CS Radio – Episode 81: “Volunteer”

This week, we welcome one of our newest Career Services staff members, Donald McIver, to help us discuss the benefits of volunteering. Whether you’re looking to learn how to highlight your volunteer service on your resume or what volunteering opportunities exist – this is the episode for you! Enjoy!

CS Radio – Episode 80: “Aging Up (Not Out)”

It’s our 80th episode! What better way to mark this birthday than with a special episode about aging in the workplace. Our special guest is Dr. John Tuton, a long-time adviser here in Career Services, who talks about what it’s like to age up in the workplace, how to handle potential cases of ageism and how to pivot your years of experience into something new and exciting. This interview was so engaging, we dedicated the entire episode to it!