CS Radio – Episode 80: “Aging Up (Not Out)”

It’s our 80th episode! What better way to mark this birthday than with a special episode about aging in the workplace. Our special guest is Dr. John Tuton, a long-time adviser here in Career Services, who talks about what it’s like to age up in the workplace, how to handle potential cases of ageism and how to pivot your years of experience into something new and exciting. This interview was so engaging, we dedicated the entire episode to it!


CS Radio – Episode 79 – “Thank Yous”

We’re back with our first episode of 2019 and the spring semester! With on-campus recruiting gearing up and four career fairs already behind us, Michael and Mylène take some time to discuss why sending a thank you is so important – and the unexpected power of receiving them.  All that, plus a closer look at the February events calendar.  Enjoy!

Show Notes

CS Radio – Episode 78: “Break For It!”

We made it! It’s the last episode of the semester and the last episode of 2018! Winter break is the ideal time to decompress, relax and connect with friends and family. It’s also a good time to do some simple, even fun things to prep for a springtime career search.  Thank you for listening and we look forward to speaking with you again when we return in mid-January of 2019! Happy holidays!

CS Radio – Episode 77: “Destress Before Finals”

There’s just two episodes left in 2018! When the semester winds down, stress levels tend to rise up.  Mylène and Michael discuss all the resources on campus and across the city that can help you decompress as we head into that final push.  Enjoy!

CS Radio – Episode 76: “A Link(edIn) to the Past”

This week, we’re happy to announce the return of an annual tradition: the Career Services LinkedIn Photobooth! With that event now on the calendar, Michael and Mylène take a look at the basics of setting up a LinkedIn profile, some tips and tricks helpful to undergraduate job seekers on LinkedIn and the benefits of joining groups.  Also, information on this week’s Nursing Career Day.  Enjoy!