CS Radio Episode 8: “Timelines”

episode 8

Welcome back to the podcast!  This week, A. Mylène Kerschner and (birthday boy) J. Michael DeAngelis take a look at career timelines.  We’ll look at ways you can use Career Services at different points of your undergraduate experience, as well as look at data from our career plan survey reports that show when Penn students accept job offers (Spoiler: You don’t need to worry about having a job secured by your first semester senior year!)

All that, plus the usual look at the week ahead.  Enjoy!

Leap Day

Sue Russoniello

Today, February 29, is Leap Day.  It’s an extra day added every fourth year to allow for the earth spinning on its axis to catch up with the calendar hanging on our wall.

I’m sure most of you have seen the movie Leap Year.  It’s a modern day comedy based on the old myth that said on Leap Day a woman can propose marriage to the man of her dreams, and the man must accept it.   Some of you may have friends or relatives born on the 29th of February, who joke about celebrating their birthday only once every 4th year…..a disaster in a child’s life (Mom, no birthday party this year?!?) but a great thing once you arrive at the age when you would be just as happy to stop counting birthdays.

Since you’re reading this on the Career Services blog, I’m sure you’re not surprised that I suggest we consider Leap Day from the Career Services perspective.  It’s mid semester –papers, mid-term exams, job searches and recruiting are in full swing.  Seniors and grad students soon to finish your schooling are chugging away on your thesis or final papers.  You’re also sending out resumes or CV’s, looking for a post-graduation job.  Some of you are waiting to hear if you are accepted to graduate or professional schools.  Underclassmen, you may be looking for a summer job or internship that will enhance your resume.

How does this relate to Leap Day you wonder?  Well, why don’t you think about this day set aside for the world to catch up as an extra day in your life, as well – a 29th day which you didn’t have last February and you won’t have the next few winters.  Aren’t we always saying “There’s never enough time in a week…..” or “Where did the day go?” Consider today to be found time.  Take advantage of this extra 24 hours and do something special with it.  Go back to that to-do list and do something on it.  Spend time researching industries and organizations that might be a good match for your skills and interests.  Schedule some informational interviews with Penn alumni who might give you some good advice related to your search. Make an appointment with a Career Counselor to review your progress or schedule a mock interview to improve your interviewing skills.  Seize the moment, pick up that phone and do something special related to getting ahead!

Whatever you end up doing, feel good that you accomplished something extra today and get a jump (or a leap) on the rest of your life.

Happy Leap Day!