5 Differences Between SEPTA and your Job Searching Experience

by Dr. Joseph Barber


1)      SEPTA strikes can sometimes start at 3:00am. You will probably never be offered a job at 3:00am (unless you are in the mob).

2)      Sometimes SEPTA trains catch on fire for no particular reason. Even the best written CVs/Resumes never spontaneously combust – although it would be impressive if they did.

3)      SEPTA trains usually end up at a fixed destination. Your career search may take you to uncharted waters within or outside of academia if you keep an open mind.

4)      Falling asleep on the SEPTA train may mean that you miss your stop. Falling asleep during an interview has more serious consequences. Try to avoid doing that.

5)      The outlook through windows on SEPTA trains is never rosy. While the job market isn’t particularly rosy, either, it is never greasy.

Author: Joseph

Joseph Barber is a Senior Associate Director at Career Services serving graduate students and postdocs. He has a PhD in animal behaviour and animal welfare, and continues to teach these subjects as an adjunct professor at Hunter College (CUNY).

4 thoughts on “5 Differences Between SEPTA and your Job Searching Experience”

  1. Well….if you are working in investment banking, you MIGHT get a job offer from some sleep deprived banker who is working ungodly hours. (I’ve heard from a number of students who received their offers on a cell phone while at a bar on a Friday night!) A fun comparison though Joseph!

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